Love Shanghai strong push the credibility of the search engine and change

defines love yourself, love the good reputation of Shanghai V: is a collection of the website and behind the business entity qualifications, certificate of authenticity, trustworthy behavior, consumer commitment, reputation evaluation data, credit rating and credit growth in value, the present situation of the website comprehensive reputation for Internet users, as users making reference. But many popular industry is not loved Shanghai into the scope of certification, such as moving, medical, entertainment, loans, lottery and personal website. Perhaps the follow-up special industry certification gradually.

, a symbol of authority: the search results in the official logo is a symbol of authority of the website, the website allows you to obtain users trust.

The advantages of

three, to show the advantages: through the official website certification, you will get a better display position and show the style, bring you more quality traffic.

The advantage of

on the basic situation of Shanghai credibility authentication love understanding, many people want to know is will not affect the site ranking. From the optimization of the site of the lottery website system, is always concerned about the ranking problem. Users love Shanghai because of its influence, as long as a little news in Shanghai will be able to set off a wave of dragon industry.

love Shanghai official certification of the three advantages of

love Shanghai credibility V certification is what

means?According to the Shanghai Encyclopedia

now have to focus on is if the small company website without V, the late love Shanghai search engine will certainly.

recently in Shanghai love to search keywords, careful friends will find a big change, some websites love Shanghai reputation, the rating of a logo. In fact, this logo in the auction had been formed in Shanghai, having sex in the bidding, so businesses need for V certification, otherwise it will increase the cost of bidding. But for not having sex in Shanghai auction business, the website will not show the V certification. Recently in the search keywords in the lottery website system natural ranking sites appeared in the V logo, is not the search engine will change.

The advantage of

two, precise positioning: the official website authentication precise positioning of Internet search needs, to help you quickly attract users attention, enhance visibility, enhance the click rate.

love Shanghai to launch such a credit certification play slogan is: to protect users of consumer safety, love Shanghai launched the integrity of the whole network system of Shanghai love the credibility of the V, you can click on the search results in the credibility of the V standard view site. As in V’s search results for phishing fraud suffer economic losses, the sea will fall in love with full protection. Today in the keyword search ranking lottery website system, found that the number appears in the V more and more, hold a curious mind, I searched for some information about love Shanghai credibility V certification, found the application required to pay an annual fee 600 yuan. 600 yuan for the enterprise is a small not small number, just do not know how many such things, that time is not a problem of 600 yuan.

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