Why web page weights lower than the weight of the inside pages

The quality of the chain


three, the website is suspected of cheating

solution: from the aspects of quality and quantity of the chain, strengthen the construction of the chain website home page.

solution: deliberate, prohibit frequent modification of web page.

other reasons, website, home chain failure will lead to the use of "site:" grammar, found the home page weight is lower than that of the inner page weight. The first A5, please indicate the Xiamen Shanghai dragon blog 贵族宝贝pengjinjie贵族宝贝/.

two pages, is higher than that of the chain,

AdSense for instant success, sometimes use unscrupulous divisive tactics to. Excessive site optimization and application of black hat Shanghai dragon means are likely to cause the search engine punishment website, let the page down the right, and thus lead to the use of "site:", the weight of home page below.

, a website frequently modify title

. Generally speaking, a site outside the chain most are usually home. Whether it is the quality and quantity of the chain, the website is better than web pages. So when the web page website page below the weight, the chain construction is necessary to view these pages.

in general, a site of the highest weight is home. Believe that the webmaster website included the amount of site grammar has found this phenomenon. If one day the website page row on the home front, so you need to be careful. May be this is a precursor to search engine punishment website.

solution: for the white hat Shanghai dragon website optimization method step by step.

then the reason your home page weight is lower than that of the inner pages of what? Here to say.

as the saying goes, injured in the sinews or bones for one hundred days. The most important factors affecting the weight of love Shanghai for the title, the equivalent of a web page and. If frequent changes will make the search engine that the site is too fickle and unreliable. So to love Shanghai observation period also can hardly be avoided. The "site:" grammar, you will find that not only love Shanghai snapshot stuck in the past, and the web page is not in the first place.

in many search engines in the grammar, the most common search grammar I am afraid of is "site". The general webmaster on two occasions to use "site:" grammar. Where is a query search engine included (not very accurate, just about. Statistical tools more accurate query method can use the corresponding search engines, such as Google Webmaster Tools love Shanghai statistics, etc.); the other is to search for the specific content in the specific site. Here to talk about "site" query website, home is not the first cause. That is the cause of your home page weight is lower than that of the inner page.

more than the number of homeThe causes of extreme

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