Five reasons to invest in PPC and Shanghai Longfeng content development

five, you have the opportunity to develop exciting and interesting content, these content will have social and link potential, it will be a powerful strategy. Every business is different, so the online marketing strategy is also different. You must be the best investment for content development for specific to your business assessment, determine the content of your development cycle. < >

usually, content innovation cost was put in the search engine optimization. Now, due to the interaction of social media and Shanghai dragon, content marketing hot again, Shanghai dragon team and marketing executives and regulators to determine their development content and cost. However, great content not only awesome Shanghai dragon and social media. If the correct management, excellent content also awesome paid search.

four, because the landing page, you are poor, some keyword bidding may fail. The quality score is probably the only reason. Of course, Google and adCenter may according to the landing page relevance punitive disqualification to you. If your landing pages are good, the keywords you have to re visit the most important and highest opportunity, and its evaluation.

three, you have the opportunity to content synchronization. Content development analysis of the vast majority of people only from the Shanghai dragon angle and website visual angle. This is actually a suicide. If you have the opportunity to develop the content, and can be uploaded to a famous site, to seize this opportunity.

, a cycle of early investment in content. If you keep on content development and investment is too low, you should consider the content of the development of Shanghai dragon and PPC. At the beginning, to content development around the brand and the primary products and services, because the content will also serve Shanghai dragon and PPC. two, attention to the brand of Shanghai dragon is not in its proper position. Google and Bing in the brand ranking advantage, but sometimes this is not enough. If you don’t study to understand the contents of all keywords, then you might invest excess. Shanghai Longfeng content for all the contents of the ranking does not mean that you cannot make independent auction, or even different landing page.

this week, our customer development and investment for the excellent content is very concerned, and conducted a series of discussions. Industry experts believe that the vast majority of online marketing of Shanghai dragon and search engine marketing content, insufficient investment, need to invest in developing content paid more attention. TextBroker. Stacey analyst Stacey believes that 50% of the Shanghai Dragon Investment and 15% of the SEM budget applied to content development. However, due to lack of investment for many marketers and advertisers for their content development, I do not pay attention to five major causes of content development and investment for the following analysis. In the content of investment in the development of my pay per click is also analyzed, because the online marketing activities, the same content of investment paid and organic search are beneficial.


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