Entrepreneurial failure reflects the lessons of blood

entrepreneurial success, there will be a failure, no matter what you do, you can not be 100 percent success, those who advocate venture capital projects are not credible. The following is a failure of entrepreneurs thinking and summary, the lessons of blood, money can not buy, I hope his experience and reflection can provide a reference for the latecomers.

1, lack of prior planning. Choose to do fast food, is that the threshold of the industry is low, the risk of pressure is small, fast cash withdrawal. Because of this illusion, when we let down the business, resulting in the lack of planning, consumer groups, cash cycle, estimated turnover assessment, when the risk comes, be taken by surprise.

2, lack of understanding of the industry. Due to the catering industry research is not systematic, resulting in confusion in the way of business. Our consumer groups, migrant workers are, they have three needs: the restaurant business area of 90 square meters (to be spacious, we only have 40 square meters), fast food varieties of at least 20 (us less than 18); Steamed Rice to eat. These basic demands are ignored by us.

3, positioning is not clear. We first do is fast and the effect is not obvious after the Guilin Rice noodles, fast food and economic delicacies, and later launched the stone fish and fast food. Positioning is not clear, to consumers a great illusion. Diversification has also caused the power to disperse, the quality of dishes can not be effectively improved.

4, location problem. Do catering, site selection is critical, the location of the reference indicators: the existing consumer groups, potential consumer groups, contract period. We consider the location, long enough, then the factory relocation, causing passenger dropped, this is the biggest mishap recommended

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