North of Xining city investigation of winter construction safety risks

The north area of Xining city

combined production safety inspection activities of "looking back" and is currently being carried out by "anti violation" as the focus of the special rectification activities, carry out a 20 day construction field investigation and hidden safety inspections since October 24th, resolutely eliminate the construction site safety hazards.

at present, Xining has entered the winter construction period, the more the influence factors of construction safety, and many engineering projects will enter the final stage, rush period, task driven phenomena, in the inspection activities for a period of 20 days in the north area will be combined with the characteristics of production safety in winter, focused on the construction and demolition site and the building of rural area, borrow points and other related fields, with full coverage, strict enforcement of building hoisting machinery registration, disassembly, maintenance, maintenance, inspection, operation before use and material transport, unloading platform security are fully detailed inspection of law enforcement.

as of now, the North District Safety Supervision, construction, urban management, fire and other law enforcement departments of investigation of construction site 15, demolition site 10, the building of rural farmers borrow 25, banned 2, issued a rectification notice 13 copies of the 8 construction site to carry out administrative punishment. (author: Su Jianping Fan Jin)

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