12312 business complaints service center to accept the transformation of the sale of refined oil li

September 5th, by the Ministry of Commerce in the second phase of the national comprehensive business law enforcement training courses held in Xining in 2012. The reporter learned from the meeting, our province commercial complaint service center in Qinghai Province, 12312 of the original transformation of the functions of the protection of intellectual property rights complaint service center based on the platform, expanding the service function, the formation of the business field 12312 complaint service system.

commercial complaint service center in the transformation of functions after receiving the social public to the slaughter of livestock and poultry, alcohol circulation, franchising, retailer promotions, zero for trading, scrap auto recycling, technology import and export, foreign labor cooperation, foreign contracted projects in foreign trade, foreign trade and anti-dumping, anti subsidy, anti monopoly in terms of disrupting the market order behavior, and infringement of intellectual property complaints. For the public and enterprises to provide business related laws, regulations, rules, regulatory documents, as well as administrative examination and approval procedures and other aspects of consulting, guidance services. At the end of August, 12312 business report complaints service hotline received a total of 56 cases of various types of business complaints, accepting the case involving oil sales, livestock slaughter, liquor circulation, home appliances etc.. (author: Zhang Yaning)


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