ncrease the intensity of the rectification of a good home Wang Yubo supervision hundred days of act

April 30th, deputy mayor Zhang Qian and mayor Wang Yubo led the relevant departments responsible comrades, in-depth City area thing hill, Nanchuan road red village, Dongchuan Park Kaiyuan Road, East District, Nanjing Road, rhyme ieguchi Seongbuk Chaoyang Park, West District five fork in the road and other places, supervision and inspection of city appearance and environmental remediation special action phase of the hundred days work. Wang Yubo stressed that the urban and rural areas is a common circle of life for each of us, to build their own homes, their own tube, their love. The county departments should resolutely implement the provincial Party committee, the work requirements of the provincial government and the municipal Party committee, municipal government work plan, to control the time node, the implementation of work responsibilities, increase efforts to promote the city comprehensive environmental remediation hundred days special action to make Xining more beautiful, let the living environment more beautiful, in the tourist season and the major festivals before, with more clean, more green and more beautiful image to meet the guests.

is everything to sprout and grow in spring season, I seize the favorable opportunity to vigorously promote the three green project north and South Mountain, just a month’s time, the mountain city area things have planted thousands of acres of pine, spruce and other trees. Now the barren hills are now green. Wang Yubo asked the city forestry bureau, the city government to the high standards of afforestation requirements, seize the golden season planting trees, accelerate the three phase of the north and South Green project. At the same time, he told the scene of the garden staff, to follow up on the management of forest trees, conservation, to ensure the survival rate, to ensure that a species, live a piece of green, a piece of beauty.

Nanchuan road red village to jointly promote the comprehensive management of the environment and the contiguous rural environment remediation special action of the hundred days, the village environment has been a fundamental improvement. The village to keep clean, to achieve full garbage collection and treatment. Wang Yubo asked the district government responsible for the presence of four people, according to the beautiful village construction, contiguous rural environment remediation, to accelerate the integration of urban and rural environmental sanitation work for the comprehensive improvement of urban village, to maintain and consolidate the good rectification results, not a rebound. Timely to carry out the stage of the beautiful village scene observation activities to guide the villagers continue to do a good job in the village environmental remediation.

Wang Yubo fully affirmed the work of various districts and counties. Stressed that the city needs to grasp the environment every year, often caught. Through the hundred days special rectification action to solve outstanding problems, the establishment of a long-term mechanism is necessary, the public’s sense of expectation and recognition are high. As a city manager, to the public and tourists to look at the feelings of the urban and rural areas in every region, every corner of the place to do neat and tidy, unsightly place to engage in beauty. Wang Yubo requirements in the field inspection, to continue remediation, high speed, high speed, Ping Ning Road, West Road on both sides of the river, Nanchuan River and the city, "do not leave, do not leave the illegal building ruins, leaving all kinds of garbage" three do not leave. Investigate and deal with illegal structures and random dumping phenomenon. We should continue to increase efforts by four green, spring replanting replanting, rows of trees, flowers, let Lin Chengjing eye, green belt landscape more layered. To increase the exposure of bare land in the urban areas, the streets of the important nodes of the landscape transformation, the formation of more green, more;

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