Environmentally friendly integrated wall open green new life

with the environmental protection of the people, the home improvement industry has also been a new change, the emergence of environmental integration of the wall so that the home environment with a new mask. Thirty years of reform and opening up, the increasing demand for resources, urban ecological system has been a great destruction. Environmental protection integrated wall for people to open the green home life, has a broad market space.

the actual product integrated wall can be defined as: quick installation materials, environmental protection materials, fashion decoration materials etc..

integrated wall to green building materials as the source and design of energy-saving materials, and won the national honor. Green environmental protection integrated wall is a new type of decorative wall material, its advantages compared with other wall materials in the market has obvious differences, the service life is also higher than other wall materials. The market is higher than the ductility, can replace part of wall treatment materials in the market: paint, wallpaper, tiles; cancel in artificial: painters, plasterers, only the woodworking operation process, can be equipped with 2-3, the general decoration completed within a week. Greatly reduce labor costs.


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