Bingshen year stamps queuing panic buying

In January 5th, "bingshen year" Zodiac "monkey" stamps issued. Reporters from the the Yellow River Road Post sale of learned, "bingshen years" monkey vote for 1 sets of 2 pieces, the contents of the pattern were "monkey Xian Rui" and "Fu Bi", full face value of 2.4 yuan, 12 yuan a small.

because of this special issue of the value of the collection, reporters from the scene learned that the Yellow River Road Post Office to facilitate the public to buy stamps, have been well ahead of the security plan, the 4 had been open. From 5 am start at about 7, there are people rushed to the point of sale queuing. At 8:30, the reporter on the scene saw the people happy to wait for the hobby of collecting stamps to buy "bingshen year" special stamps, just to buy some stamps fans satisfied, during the period, there are still many philatelic enthusiasts to join in the booking team. The ticket in the team of Mr. Chen told reporters: "since the stamps are the hot topics of stamp collection, and" monkey vote "meaning and is very good, the monkey is coming, I think there will be a high collection value." There are some people can not get out of the postal network queuing to buy from the Internet to consider buying, intends to buy someone else’s hands on the internet." Public Zhang said.  

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