Civilized dining is respect for labor

October 16th, is the thirty-third world food day. Since last year, the implementation of the Xining civilized table CD action, the tongue waste has declined. According to the Xining City Urban Management Law Enforcement Bureau statistics show that Xining city food waste daily processing capacity from more than and 120 tons last year, dropped to one hundred tons this year, every day at least ten tons reduction, more than twenty tons. In other words, the monthly food waste in Xining at least more than and 300 tons. (according to October 17th West Sea Metropolis Daily)

who knows Chinese food, are hard. For this poem, only in the field of the work of the farmers brothers, the feeling is the deepest. Why should I say these two poems, because I am also a peasant origin, in my body also has the taste of the earth.

In fact,

, the so-called urban people, most of them are from rural areas, even more than ever in the field of work, there have been cultivated fields, there are cutting the wheat, there have been dug potatoes…… And so on, the age of more than 28 of the city’s rural people, young people have been working in the field. Only those who have worked will understand the meaning of the two sentences, which is what I want to write these two poems.

say civilized meal. As early as last year, we have wasted too much of our meal. Sometimes people eat, three or four people to a big table food, the results of each dish only eat a little bit, turned away. In particular, some large enterprises to engage in a get-together, waste more obvious. Inside, there are our government staff, to the grassroots inspection work, the work did not check how much, and eat a lot of times, but these meals just eat a small part.

survey shows that our country a year wasted 8 million tons of food, enough to eat 200 million people for 1 years. Last February 22nd, the "people’s Daily" published such a message, experts from the China Agricultural University research group of large, mistress class of the city, a total of 2700 remaining meals table of different sizes in the table of protein and fat were analyzed, a conservative estimate, the food protein of China from 2007 to 2008 amounted to 8 million tons of food waste that is equivalent to 260 million people a year required; waste fat 3 million tons, equivalent to 130 million people a year required. Restaurants, canteens, restaurants, and wealthy families, food waste is becoming a serious social problem.

farmers to grow food is not easy, but some of the so-called rich, but every day in wanton waste of hard to grow out of food. There is a phenomenon that the guests to mid-range restaurant for a meal, if only two or three people, only two or three dishes, some waiters would not be happy to ask the guests more, such things often happen in our side.

I recently found in some restaurants also found an old problem, some with a balcony restaurant, as well as the lowest consumption, if not up to the standard of consumption, she will not let you sit in the balcony. This will undoubtedly increase the intensity of some diners order, and even forced consumption.


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