Huangzhong transportation pollution does not hesitate to hit muck

transport in order to regulate the market order, to eliminate safety hazards, prevent sediment pollution, recently, Huangzhong County transportation management departments to strengthen the governance of road muck, dust pollution, such as the intensity of scattering of goods, and as the county recently air pollution prevention and control of key work.

it is understood that the county transportation department according to the actual area, set up 4 road transport dust checkpoint in lushaer Town, Xinzhuang Town, the town of dopa, arrangement of 6 law enforcement officers, 3 law enforcement vehicles, every morning at 8 a.m. to 12 p.m., passing vehicles for dust prevention, law enforcement inspection on the young Caesar. Failing to take measures to prevent the scattering of the vehicles subject to heavy penalties, while taking no time, no fixed point inspection methods, blow on the way to evade law enforcement officers to check illegal parking vehicle. In order to eliminate the source of sediment, dust and other pollution problems, the county transportation department also organized law enforcement personnel to go to the originating goods distribution center, vehicle operators propaganda to prevent air pollution and freight vehicle scattering significance. As of now, a total investigation of such illegal behavior of nearly 20, effectively curb the area of vehicle dust, resulting from the scattering phenomenon and the phenomenon of air pollution.


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