Community reading point so that residents happy reading

spring days, outdoor sunshine, fresh air. The provincial capital city office, Lane community, take advantage of this opportunity, the library moved to the community in nature, so that residents bathed in the spring breeze happily reading, lively form, the effect is obvious, and even become an important content of life some residents, to create a learning community and the community to play a positive role.

in April 6th, the School Lane 8, the hospital reading points in the building of Changan min Lin took the loan card, came to the community library, would like to borrow a few books on health education. He said, these days, reading the books, to see this book named. It is understood that there are 8 residents of the hospital No. 56, building Changan min Lin is responsible for reading points. Almost every day, with everyone downstairs to the friends who are reading together. An Minlin said: the life of the elderly is relatively closed, a lot of news can only be understood through newspapers and magazines, the community free of charge to lend the book to read, to provide you with an opportunity to communicate with each other. The books on their own books, see things to express their views and comments, then discuss each other." It is the common learning opportunities for everyone to communicate with each other, learn from each other, talk about life sentiment, comments, views.

Xiang Yongzhi, director of the

college Lane Community Neighborhood Committee, said there are a lot of good books in the community, if no one reads, their value can not be reflected. Residents have the habit of outdoor communication in the spring and summer, so, it is the combination of the two, so that everyone in the outdoor communication, reading together. In this way, residents can form a good reading habits and good habits, but also to form a good atmosphere for the people to read, happy reading.


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