Electronic surveillance Xining city traffic police detachment to carry out road traffic order

According to the Ministry of public security

"8· 16" television and telephone conference, from the beginning of August 20th, the city traffic police detachment to carry out road traffic order rectification action within the city, and resolutely prevent serious traffic accidents, this regulation, make full use of urban electronic police monitoring function, to capture traffic illegal vehicles.

it is understood that this special road traffic order to citywide traffic chaos, and the difficulties of traffic accident prone sections as the focus of rectification, rectification of the key sections surrounding the train station and bus station in Xining, South Gate Street, around the Yangtze River Road, Lake Road, victory road, the road, road, Nanjing Nanchuan Road, Chengguan Town, around the Kumbum Monastery in Huangzhong around Huangyuan, Datong Qiaotou town. Focus on traffic violations remediation for driving without a license, drunk driving, unlicensed driving without a license on the road, speeding, overcrowding, overloading, fatigue driving, illegal manned trucks, overtaking and other serious traffic violations, at the same time, the car license plate, deliberately block defaced plate, large and clear license is not complete, no vehicle door seal to be dealt with according to law. The key vehicle of remediation is illegal driving passenger vehicles, road freight vehicles, transport vehicles, taxis, buses, all kinds of dangerous chemicals, dump trucks, buses, motorcycles, tractors, large engineering machinery vehicles and agricultural vehicles etc.. In the renovation, the city traffic police detachment make full use of technology and intelligent traffic control center, increase the illegal acquisition of road vehicle traffic input intensity, improve the efficiency of artificial video capture, play vehicle radar and handheld radar, fixed speed and flow speed. (author: Xin Wen)


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