Air pollution control of the west fast quasi ruthless

invested more than 400 yuan to have big change, dusty road more than 400 muck truck, checked in the western area of all construction sites within the scope of the basic 100% to 5…… At present, in the west of Xining district construction site, high streets and back lanes, industrial enterprises, a comprehensive air pollution control, great in strength and impetus the battle going on.

four network full coverage management

in order to minimize the pollution index, greatly increase the number of fine days, the maximum for the general public to breathe the fresh air, the west region was set up by the mayor as head, deputy chief deputy head, environmental protection, construction, urban management and other relevant departments for the comprehensive management of air pollution leading group members, the the comprehensive management work into the important work schedule. According to the "combination of upper and lower levels, in order to block the main focus, down, local management" principle, the implementation of grid management mode, set up the District, street, community, hospital building four level network management model, the extension of city air pollution prevention and control work responsibility management terminal.

on the area of construction sites and key roads, pollution prevention and control in key areas to determine the relevant responsible person, and the use of HD monitoring facilities West integrated information platform for district social service management within the jurisdiction of the construction site, key areas, key road to build a all-weather, multi level video coverage of the monitoring network, for the west to carry out emergency command air pollution prevention and control, etc., to provide more scientific and efficient and convenient.

remediation 109 National Road and quasi ruthless

air pollution control, the West from the start bit by bit. The afternoon of October 24th, West District Environmental Protection Department received 109 National Highway Steel Bridge to reflect the public environment dirty and messy, and bare land without compaction hardening, car dust charming eyes. In accordance with the deployment of the district government, District Urban Management Bureau is responsible for the area and the surrounding dust, garbage removal, clean health corner, blind and bare land, District Construction Bureau of compaction hardening on the bare land and the surrounding area. At the same time, on both sides of the road and the entrance of Zhangjiawan road cleaning, dust exposed work hardening. After renovation, the effect is obvious, through Xichuan State Road 109 South Road, drivers dare to open the windows to breathe.

Fuxing Road clean air

at the same time, Fuxing Road, the atmospheric environment is also one of the key areas of the western city air pollution remediation. Located near the Lake District Fire ditch the Fuxing Road due to rolling carts, turned into a "washboard road", after a bumpy, dusty vehicle. The west area actively raise funds to invest 300 thousand yuan, total renovation of 2.5 kilometers long and 4 meters wide, the revival of the road, and the car platform is arranged in the intersection of import vehicle wash, prevent vehicles in mud on the road, at the same time, ask around the construction site to achieve 5 100% (that is, the construction site Weidang, 100% the construction site 100% road hardening, demolition project site 100% sprinkler, sediment transport vehicles 100% wheel body rinse and airtight transportation, not the development of green space 100%;

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