Frozen small packaging products in our province has the first organic certified animal products

December 31, 2010, good news from the Xining Municipal Science and Technology Bureau, Tibetan Plateau Yak and Tibetan sheep organic production technology demonstration project in December 30th through the acceptance of the 3 project to develop a yak, Tibetan sheep frozen small packaging products to become the first province through organic certification of livestock products.

Province organic animal husbandry has significant advantages in resources, Qinghai province lvcaoyuan Food Co. Ltd., in collaboration with the Academy of animal husbandry and Veterinary Research Institute, established organic farming and products processing base, and in strict accordance with the production of organic food, organic food, organic food processing and sales, marking management system requirements for the Tibetan Plateau Yak and Tibetan sheep breeding, acquisition, processing and marketing. Organic food is from organic agricultural production system of food, organic agriculture is a sustainable development without the use of synthetic fertilizers, in the production process of pesticides, growth regulators and feed additives in agriculture, it emphasizes to strengthen the natural life cycle and biological diversity. The pollution-free food, green food and organic food like a Pyramid, Kentucky is pollution-free food, the more stringent requirements, organic food certification standard is the most stringent.

By 3, Qinghai province yak lvcaoyuan Food Co. Ltd. developed Tibetan sheep frozen small packaging products in the

project, in accordance with the relevant quality standards, to become the province’s first certified organic livestock products, the production of organic products 100 tons, output value reached 3 million 600 thousand yuan.

The development planning department of

science and Technology Bureau of Xining city Wei Dejing said: "certified organic livestock products, not only can enhance the market competitiveness of the products, increasing the income of herdsmen, also has a positive role to promote the development of our province organic animal husbandry."


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