Accurate positioning can also make big shop

whether it is to create a new brand, or shop to do business, in fact, we need to do a good job related positioning. After all, only a clear understanding of the positioning, so that it will get more consumer recognition, even if the store, it is possible to step by step bigger. So, accurate positioning can also make big shop.


is idle, I love watching "wisdom" and "thinking" and other stories wealth of short articles, learn the essence, learning management, on this day, I saw a report in a Book: "Japan UNIQLO casual clothing brand" is the largest of each piece of clothes except a "price tag", could not find the brand trademark.

is because of the hidden branding, "UNIQLO" can be realized and any clothes, any people "all-match" to get rich and poor love. Brand founder Liu Jing, always put their product positioning for spare clothing, and put it all in the vicinity of the top luxury brand. UNIQLO clothing prices in the tens of dollars to two hundred or three hundred dollars, but by top fashion and even professional fashion models welcome.

this report gives us a good inspiration for retailers: in order to retain customers, to avoid the waste of consumer resources, product positioning is also very important. Such as cigarette sales, such as consumer groups are wage earners, the management center should be located at 10 yuan of cigarettes; such as consumer groups to youth oriented, the management center should be located in some fine branches, high technology content, high quality tobacco cigarettes; such as the consumer group is that some older smokers, because this kind of smokers for a cigarette or a brand depend psychologically, the sale of cigarettes to choose real estate brand.

of course, how can we locate accurately, not their own can be called, but also from the market point of view. In short, in the daily operation, as long as we frequently observe, diligence analysis, carefully grasp their own business spending power consumption group in the region, the accurate positioning of the business of goods, and timely according to the market demand changes to adjust the purchase type and quantity, coupled with sincere service and hot genuine goods at a fair price, so, even in a row upon row of in the environment, small shops can also win consumer loyalty, create a good performance.

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