North of the city to increase the old family home hospital environmental health management

for the promotion of fine service and management, and improve the people’s living environment, improve the quality of life, and constantly improve the management mechanism of the north area, broaden the work of thinking, innovation management, no property management of old building Institute of environmental sanitation problems are gradually solved.  

two for no property management old families courtyard, large area, environmental health management, unclear responsibilities and other reasons, to develop a program of work in batches, the overall advancement of the implementation, to ensure comprehensive treatment has made steady progress. Comprehensive mopai. Organization of district urban management, towns, streets and other departments of the staff all the old families of hospital building site Mopai, grasp the actual situation of environmental sanitation, garbage removal and other aspects, serious and meticulous do statistics and registration for the comprehensive, long-term mechanism to promote the effective implementation and lay a solid foundation. According to the touch line, will do unmanned management, community management has practical difficulties, low income residents, the overall hospital building into the first batch as pilot areas, organize personnel to timely cleaning, rubbish dead, standardized set of sanitation facilities, at present, this work is advancing everything in good order and well arranged.  


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