Datong County to carry out food safety awareness week activities

according to the notice of the Xining Municipal Food Safety Commission Office "issued in 2012 on the city to carry out food safety awareness week activities plan" (No. [2012]7), county food and drug safety coordination committee office established in Datong County "in 2012 in the city to carry out food safety awareness week activities plan", the organization of the member units to carry out food safety awareness week activities.

6 on the morning of 11, the county food and Drug Safety Coordination Committee Office to carry out the organization in Jingning people’s square of the Town Bridge Road, focus on promotional activities to build honest family circle, with the cast of food safety "as the theme of the county food safety knowledge. County agriculture and animal husbandry, industry and commerce, quality supervision, economic, health and food and drug and other members of the unit and related enterprises to display banners, display panels, broadcast audio-visual, display fake achievements, on-site consultation, issuance of promotional materials, product display text and other forms to carry out promotional activities. In June 14th, the town government collaborative business where the Bai Cheng Guan Sheng Da Jie held food safety into the countryside "campaign. A total of 5 hanging banners, panels 2, issued more than 18000 copies of promotional materials, the event also set up to handle complaints, promotional desk, by the staff Industrial and Commercial Bureau on-site acceptance, solve consumer complaints, and organize some food business operators and consumers to watch the city off the region’s food business model shop.


week, health and food and drug supervision departments require large catering units to carry out food safety publicity activities a week using electronic screen store settings for the business sector; food enterprises hanging banners for food safety, food safety publicity ideas; County Animal Husbandry Bureau reported by radio and television 2 times, the rural information network and mobile phone SMS to promote food safety knowledge 8. Members of the unit to promote the work of the data and the circumstances of the Annex: "2012 Food Safety Awareness Week activities table".



2012 Food Safety Awareness Week activities statistics table




organizational activity

times / number of


held a press conference, the media will be


broadcast, television and other media reports


set up a public hotline


production, poster / Poster

block / strip


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