Huangyuan county cadres and masses of all ethnic groups NPC and CPPCC on the people’s livelihood

Since the

"NPC and CPPCC" held in Huangyuan county cadres and masses of all ethnic groups through newspapers, television, radio, Internet and other forms of active listening to and watching the live broadcast of "NPC and CPPCC", seriously study and understand the NPC and CPPCC "spirit, and the discussion, we believe that over the past five years of China’s reform and opening up and modernization construction has made remarkable achievements. Write a new chapter in the cause of socialism with Chinese characteristics. And said we must hold high the great banner of socialism with Chinese characteristics, to build a moderately prosperous society, to achieve the "Chinese dream" and strive.

Education Bureau cadres and workers to hear the prime minister said, give priority to the development of education, educational resources to the rural areas of poor rural tilt, we invariably burst into applause. Agreed to seriously study the good spirit of the government work report, from its start, the performance of their duties, implement the reporting requirements, closely around the focus of the work of the province’s education work conference deployment, focus on implementation effect.

from the city of Taiwan community retired veteran Zhao Yongping said: the central "eight rules", "six prohibitions" after the promulgation of the feeling to eat and drink the wind has a great convergence, funds eat significantly reduced, people clapped and cheered. I have more confidence in the center!"

thrifty new wind is also a topic of concern to everyone. West Street community cadres Chen Guoqiang said that the CPPCC National Committee meeting to reduce the supply of paper to speak and presentations, only one of the savings of about 2000000 yuan. He said that the beginning of this year, began to see from the central to local thrift fashion, feeling very fresh, very natural, hope this "fresh air" to continue.

teachers in the teaching of the two sessions are also very concerned about. Zhang Xueming, a teacher in Huangyuan, said: this year’s government work report has four characteristics: first, concise. 1.5 words, 100 minutes, reflecting the transformation of the style of the top eighteen, turn style, the need to open a short meeting; the two is real. The report uses a string of specific figures to illustrate past achievements and shortcomings, convincing, seeking truth from facts; three is peace and close. Truly respond to the aspirations and expectations of the people; four is a profound understanding of the work can be arranged with the experience of the past, a more comprehensive understanding of the reform, more profound!" (author: Wang Lianjun)

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