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March 1st, the Xining Municipal Bureau of Education held in the city’s primary and secondary school spring session. The meeting on the situation and tasks facing Xining city education work, to study the deployment of the 2007 work, determine the overall requirements of the 2007 city education work and main tasks: to promote the comprehensive reform of compulsory education in rural areas; to further optimize the allocation of educational resources and adjustment; vigorously develop occupation education; strengthen the principal and two teachers team construction, efforts to solve the outstanding problems of the fairness of education, and promote the sustainable and healthy development of education in the city; to solve the difficult problems of education, people’s education.

in the consolidation and improvement of the county based rural compulsory education management system, the establishment of norms of rural education funding mechanism, based on the elimination of illiteracy among young people to consolidate and improve the work achieved remarkable results. Last year, the city’s preschool education admission (class) rate of 95.6%, the town of pre-school education for three years (class) rate of up to 98.9%. Nine years of compulsory education enrollment rate of students reached 99.75%, the city’s high school enrollment rate of up to 81%. The enrollment rate of school-age children with disabilities was 83.8%, and the illiteracy rate of young adults was up to 99.3%.

it is understood that this year, Xining City Bureau of education will achieve new breakthroughs in the implementation and guarantee mechanism of funds for compulsory education in rural and pastoral areas, increasing investment, and gradually increase the level of protection, to ensure that the special funds for compulsory education in rural and pastoral areas in accordance with the provisions of the use of. The government has increased investment in education at the same time, the city Department of education will actively strive for the national and provincial schools rebuild funds, adjust the layout of rural schools, promoting the "village school", founded a boarding primary school, for students and small scale school facilities and poor schools to be merging, the rural weak schools in rural areas to further eliminate the renovation of dilapidated buildings and layout in the adjustment, narrowing the gap between urban and rural school hardware construction. (author: he arrow)


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