National Day holiday Qinghai grand theatre performances of different wonderful

10 on the evening of 2 August, Qinghai concert hall, melodious flute The tune lingered in the room. from Poland, · and her attitude Yinai; Bulgarian pianist · zounova, Na to Yeda lead my province; music lovers experience a romantic piano and flute music tour. At the same time, also opened the four anniversary of the Qinghai Grand Theater season prelude.

it is understood that the four anniversary of the Qinghai Grand Theatre Performance Season for a month, a total of six performances of the seven programs. The show is brilliant, and the concerts, magic, opera, concerts and so on will bring a higher level of audio-visual enjoyment to the audience in our province. Because of the song "in the Sun Island" famous Chinese famous singer Zheng Xulan, in late October 9th, will hold a "Lan legend" special personal concert, together with the audience aftertaste cantabile; Wen peiran, one under the tutelage of Louis Liu is trying to create their own magic ideas of young people, the evening of October 18th the texture gorgeous performance style, skill, the one and only to the audience bursts of surprises; October 20th to the evening of 21, Qinghai Grand Theatre will be the first introduction of the original German – Mozart opera "the Magic Flute", the perfect fusion of music and drama, the beautiful melody of Aria, wonderful story in this opera presented one by one.

Andrew · Yang band is a creative strength of excellent combination of modern music, expressive and singing their appeal, won the hearts of many viewers, the evening of October 30th, they will perform a classical concert; "Mu Xia Quartet" was established in the Euphrates slavar College of music in 2003, often in Slovakia domestic and foreign concerts and music festivals or participate in various cultural activities, the evening of November 1st for our province the audience to play music; Music Group will exchange Philharmonic portrait interpretation of "sky city" and the Hisaishi Hayao Miyazaki animation works concert on the night of November 4th, they select each of the first selected works is in line with the theme of the concert, and add the picture itself to sound on the basis of the original music, leading the audience to a naive innocence of Animation works。


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