North 17 parking spaces open to the public

With the rapid increase in the amount of motor vehicle ownership in the city, the central city parking problem growing, in order to alleviate the problem of public parking, the city traffic police detachment four brigade open to the public for the 17 parking spots.

it is understood that the bridge is open to the public parking along the street: bridges cross the northeast corner of tamie residential street parking; Bridge Street Hui Hakka supermarket parking on Street Bridge Street Square Street; Mita parking; bridge built North Lane temporary street parking; Second People’s Hospital of Xining City Roadside temporary parking spaces; Bridge Club hospital parking lot; Academy of family bridge 10 Fen factory parking; Bridge Street Liyang world residential parking point. Along the Qilian Road: Qilian Road West Street Auto City of temporary parking spaces; Qilian road salt building Street Temporary parking spaces; Qilian road Jinxiu Jiangnan residential street temporary parking. Chaoyang Road, Chaoyang Road, Chaoyang Road along the street with the hotel of temporary parking spaces; Chaoyang Road Temporary parking Street Hotel Yu Kun; the government of Chaoyang Road opposite the area of roadside temporary parking spaces; Chaoyang Road Chaoyang School on the south side of temporary street parking; Chaoyang Lane Street northbound side of temporary parking spaces; Chaoyang two lane road on the north side of the roadside temporary parking point.

city traffic police detachment four brigade brigade instructor said, according to the actual state of the road, parking is provided with a certain amount in the conditions of the road, for short-term parking service, to a certain extent, make up for the lack of parking facilities difficult area. Part of the sidewalk is fairly broad, but not on the edge of the store, can take part of the sidewalk parking resources, but also to encourage the city center within the scope of enterprises and institutions for parking lot social operation, the sudden increase of the vehicle can have a place to park. (author: Dawn)


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