New year to go Grassroots festivals they still stick to their posts

Spring Festival, this is the occasion of the family reunion, but there are still some of the struggle in the forefront of our staff on the front line can not be reunited with their families, but quietly stick to their posts. They work hard to bring beauty to the festival in Xining.

Sun Jianrong, 42 years old, in the city of Xining City Star nursing home for a full year of work for the past 6 years. Reporter walked into the nursing home in addition to the elderly who live outside the bedroom, and no other spare bedroom. "We usually sit in the lobby of the chair, the middle of the night on the small sleepy for a short time, every two hours to ward round, because we have a lot of elderly who can not take care of themselves, at any time to take care of them." Sun Jianrong said. Staff here, usually even the normal rest are not, let alone what holidays, although not with the family to celebrate the Spring Festival, but the staff here are no complaints. In this work, not only need enough patience and love, but also need a selfless dedication……

4:00 am, hanqixiren cool transparent body, thousands of households still asleep, Jian Zhijin sanitation workers began a busy working day. "I probably sweep seven to eight cars a day, garbage, and now the new year than a lot of garbage, so I have to get up earlier than usual." Jian Zhijin said. In the interview, the reporter also learned that Jane is Huangyuan, a 7 year old daughter in Huangyuan elementary school, she has not seen her daughter for a long time. Because of the reasons for the work, the Spring Festival can not go back, quite like her, but the work done for 7 years, we are accustomed to." Jian Zhijin said.

approaching the Spring Festival, the West Railway Station ushered in the peak passenger. However, if you have noticed such a group of people, they are wearing a yellow jacket, holding half the height of the hammer constantly on the tracks hammering, check with the tracks of the screws are loose, medium pillow are sinking, as people travel escort, they are the "railway guard". Tu Qiang is one of these railway maintenance workers. He said: "we do this work, to track inspection tour of 20 kilometers every day, so there must be BuPaLei hardship spirit, treat the work is a bit sloppy, because we are in charge of each passenger’s life, is also responsible for our own responsibility for them, so we should stand every post".

when the reunion, do not forget to have such a group of people at the grassroots for us silently dedication, each of us in the hearts of a grateful.


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