Blind entrepreneur Cao Jun off the road

compared to the physical health of entrepreneurs, entrepreneurship is very difficult for the disabled. But they also have unattainable perseverance. Cao Jun is a blind man, he understood the blind and perseverance with pain of cutting one’s body, he began to develop innovative services for the blind, the mobile phone software, won unanimous praise.

"Bao Yi interactive" founder Cao Jun told reporters, from a total of two programmers, the first seven or eight employees for NOKIA mobile phone development program, now successfully allows the blind to use Android’s touchscreen smartphone becomes possible, total users of about 400000 passengers, the road of entrepreneurship hardships, "I always support the help the blind friends into social beliefs".

"before looking for a restaurant on the nose, smell is spicy sichuan." See others reading novels especially envious, but want to learn Braille books are very expensive, can listen to the voice resource is limited." >

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