1346 for the people pragmatic honest fresh air

This is a

of the disadvantages of style, scale behavior of the big investigation, overhaul, cleaning; this is a "four winds" confrontation and struggle; this is a lifeline to the mass line of the party’s dedication and persistence.

[interpretation] a general starting point to focus on the problem of five LIAN turn style, improve people’s livelihood, promote fairness, deepen the reform of social security to help the development of." As the total starting point, carry out the party’s mass line educational practice.

[out] the effectiveness of eight provisions to implement the central and provincial government 21, the municipal government 15 measures, ideal control theory, constitution and discipline, the people’s livelihood, ancestors advanced surrounded by mirrors, in accordance with provincial "eight more attention", resolutely oppose formalism, bureaucracy, hedonism and extravagance the wind, and throughout the study and education, to solve problems throughout, the rectification spirit throughout, to complement the spirit of calcium, in addition to the "four winds" kill and remove dirt behavior, stand for the people, efforts to solve outstanding problems of the masses of the people reflect the strong, so that party members and cadres to further improve their thinking and understanding, further change the style, the relationship between the party and the masses closer, people clean image to further establish pragmatic, grass-roots lay a solid foundation for further deepening the reform of the office. To further implement, in order to speed up the construction of people’s satisfaction with the life of the city, the well-being of the city to provide a strong organizational guarantee.


[interpretation] ability at the county level and above leading cadres to carry out "go grassroots, solve problems, when the model research activities, enhance decision-making ability; carry out turn style, implement, for example" activities in the township level cadres, improve the implementation ability in enterprises and institutions; the general unit of the party;

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