As of July 31st Xining 150 thousand vehicle levy vehicle tax 34 million 880 thousand

With the rapid increase in the number of motor vehicles, the city’s tax collection work has also made gratifying achievements. Reporters from the Inland Revenue Department was informed that, as of July 31st, the city’s total of 34 million 880 thousand yuan this year, the organization of storage and transportation tax, tax vehicles, an increase of $27 million 850 thousand, an increase of 396.16%.

with the implementation of the new "travel law", Xining City Bureau of publicity materials timely update, expand the content of counseling, coordinate and solve the definition of tax exemption period, the standard to determine the actual problems, and strengthen the insurance mechanism of travel tax withheld standardized management, implementation of the stipulated in the law, constantly improve the quality and efficiency of tax collection. At the same time to strengthen the collection of vehicle and vessel tax, the city’s tax system to implement tax relief policies, and actively support local economic and social development. As of the end of 7, a total of exempt from public transportation, police, agricultural vehicles and other vehicles 2805, exempt from tax of $1 million 354 thousand and 700, which is exempt from urban public transport vehicles 1173, exempt from tax of $688 thousand and 800. (author: Chang Yong)


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