Around the lake ecological tour the north shore of the tamarisk


at the beginning of July, the Russian head fort on the prairie, a strong green grass. See the carpet in front of the grassland, the reporter felt the ripple of the entire prairie summer breath.

stands in the magnificent prairie looked to the Qinghai coast of Hubei, a piece of Tamarix plateau show in front of people, it is not a common shrub, but growth has strong vitality in the lake saline plant, this piece of gratifying shrub land, showing the lake forest planting work achievement to people.

because of the special geographical reasons, Gangcha county forest resources are scarce, but forestry protection is still in an important position. At the beginning of 2002, the county of Qinghai in the lake by the Gangcha afforestation survey station of forestry professionals, established the project construction of the three North Shelterbelt, afforestation and lead the team in May of that Year beginning in afforestation, after nearly two months of hard work, a total of 3000 acres of afforestation.

when the endless prairie green and yellow, yellow and green, when the water level of Qinghai Lake slowly rise…… So 13 years in the past, the Qinghai Lake Ecological Forest in the seasons to thrive, thousands of acres of shrub exudes a faint fragrance, falling in the minds of people.

Gangcha County Forestry Station Wang Wei said that the original forest belongs to hallgeir Zhen Huan Xiu Ma Cun, Gong Gong bin Ma Cun, sub Xiu Ma Village and village public police cut spring lamb that has been part of grassland, grassland desertification, in the village committee and the county forestry bureau’s efforts, the herdsmen planting Tamarix chinensis meadow, and the organization management member for many years of enclosure protection.

four management personnel with tough perseverance to guard the home of this woodland. Sonam Dorje’s nearly 70 year old man, this piece of forest is a faithful guardian of the early years, he at least a month to patrol for 15 days, with the seedlings grow up, guard time increased to 26 days.

"Lake wind, the plateau is a creeping growth of Tamarix, but very tenacious vitality. In some places, the trees have been flooded with water, only a few trees are seen, and nearly 1000 acres of forest are submerged. You see, that depends on the side of the lake, there are a few small flow of water, so there will be a small climate!" The old man looked at the bush.

now, here is a mountain of water, with every tree and Bush proud pose showing gorgeous colors, the grassland desertification area did not increase and has been effectively controlled. Local people will also go to the forest next to a picnic. This piece of the north shore of the Qinghai Lake forest of the green temptation, in the vast lake of heaven and earth is particularly precious, has become a beautiful ecological barrier.


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