North farming and animal husbandry Party branch to carry out clean government education theme activi

to meet the party’s eighteen big victory is held, to strengthen the party members and cadres of the global education of ideals and beliefs, party spirit and discipline and political and moral education, fully implement the central, provincial and municipal levels of anti-corruption work of the decision to deploy, agriculture and animal husbandry branch units with practical work, innovative ideas, recently launched "promote the traditional red, black resist corruption, promoting the breeze righteousness, maintain the purity of the party" theme educational activities, with the theme of educational activities as an important content of this year’s global party cadres education.
the theme education activities around the "carry forward the traditional red, black against corruption, promoting the breeze righteousness, to maintain the purity of the party" as the theme, focus on "four" activities, one is an honest education lectures. Leading cadres to seriously implement the independent lectures system, main leadership and lectures, through independent lectures remind the education of Party members and cadres to comply with the provisions of honesty and self-discipline. Two is to organize a red traditional education. The use of red resources around, through the organization of field visits, watching the red revolutionary film, learning revolutionary deeds, the red revolutionary tradition education of Party members and cadres. Three is to carry out a series of warning education activities. Through the organization of Party members and cadres to the provincial anti-corruption education base to visit, watch educational films and other cautionary way to carry out warning education activities. Combined with the management of risk post, carry out the clean and honest education. Four is to organize a clean government knowledge test. To organize party members and leading cadres to seriously study the "leading cadres honest and political education reader" and "clean government standards". In June, the organization launched a campaign to test the integrity of knowledge, the subject of the test by the Organization Department of the Party committee, Propaganda Department issued a unified.


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