14 years let us grow together Fourteenth Lake Race from Qinghai Lake to Gangcha in the stage


"come here, you’ll have to watch the game!" Voice did not fall, two Tibetan boys will seize every opportunity to squeeze into the crowd.

"Yeah, that’s what it’s like!"

PM, Gangcha County 315 National Road on both sides has been a sea of people. The weather. The sun makes the atmosphere more intense. The 72 year old old man and his wife sat Kung Pao comes with a small bench, holding an umbrella, side chat, while waiting for the team to come, really happy. One asked to know, the old two in the morning to come here at nine. "We are from Longhua, and my son works here. When I came here in the morning, I was afraid that I would be late. In fact, I saw in Longhua last year, the scene of the game, to a lot of foreigners, but his wife has not seen it, we are so old, and said that she would also like to take a look at what." The old man smiled and pointed to the side of the old.

time in the gentle breeze slowly passing, the atmosphere is also more and more warm, even the square at the entrance of a booth is also crowded with people. "Here, we look at the Lake Race commemorative stamps!" Shang Jianwei, a staff member of the post office, opened a brochure to show people. The 14 round of the lake, from our Gangcha every year. This lake race better and better, we do not lag behind the county ah, the development of fast. This album witnessed the course race around the lake, Gangcha’s development is also at a glance. Here to repair the square, where a tall building, the people of the day was booming." Shang Jianwei’s face was filled with pride.

indeed, the Asia’s highest and largest international road cycling race, now has gone through 14 years. Gangcha, as the nearest County town of Qinghai Lake, the tourism industry by the "east wind", the development of wind and water.

county government staff Wang Hua told reporters: "I remember the first race around the lake, Gangcha county can provide hot water of the hotel are rarely, foreign players accustomed to eating, oral English translation and so on these issues we have no way to solve. No way, can only bite the bullet and do. But this year, all the way, experience more and more rich, do it better and better. Now, the basic conditions of the county compared with the previous substantial increase in hardware and software to keep up. Gangcha and the lake together, better and better."

"it’s half past two. Why haven’t you arrived yet?!"

"you look at the big screen!"

several people said, looking back at the square in the middle of the big screen live. "Grandma, look, the plane is here!" A young voice to wait for the crowd to see hope, look, the helicopter came, this time the team really came!" For a time, this sentence makes all the audience waiting for deep concentration. Suddenly, the first player to end point sprint to haven’t had to gallop, then, only to see one’s figure of "sou sou sou";

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