North district leadership by the party organization department arrange to inspect and guide the work

8 27 afternoon, deputy secretary of the North District of Comrade Ma Ruoling in the county organization minister Comrade Zhou Haichun accompanied to guide the work of Party building inspection Hua Lin Xiang Hua Lin Xiang, listened to the township party secretary Comrade Ma Zhancang of Hua Lin Xiang grassroots organization construction work report and Hua Lin Xiang victory village Party branch secretary Comrade Ma Tingfu on the victory village report on the work of Party building, and carefully check the software on the first half of the work of Party building Hua Lin Xiang materials and image data, and puts forward some requirements for the work of Party building Hua Lin Xiang: one is we must continue to organize the majority of Party members and cadres to learn the province, city and county of the spirit of the meeting; two is the publicity and promotion work, learning the Jianming; the three is to strengthen the construction of Party branch, Party members, learning activities to provide places; four is to do the statistical work, ensure that the data maintenance system Correctness.


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