CDB Qinghai branch to support the development of Tibetan carpet industry to promote accurate poverty

Qinghai is known as "the world’s blanket capital," the laudatory name, Tibetan carpet production accounted for more than 90% of the country, is the country’s largest production base of Handmade Tibetan carpets. Tibetan carpet enterprises make full use of the excellent Qinghai white carpet production, products sold at home and abroad.

"company + farmers" the wool textile enterprises to establish long-term stable relationship with the Tibetan province rural cooperatives purchase or lead farmers, enterprises can obtain a stable source of raw wool, saving the cost of the company, on the other hand, farmers can according to the price and time stipulated in the sales of raw wool, wool selling or avoid loss not necessary, the advantages of companies and farmers to play together, enhance the anti risk ability, and achieved a win-win effect.

in order to maintain the long-term stability of the agricultural and pastoral areas to purchase wool, the integrity of the upstream and downstream industry chain is the key. In support of wool textile enterprises carpet sales by proxy at the same time, the Qinghai branch of China Development Bank to support the enterprises to implement the "industrial chain + Internet +O2O mobile home construction project" soft decoration service system, expand the family home of China rigid demand carpet. In order to support the Tibetan carpet exports, innovative financing, utilization of overseas payment and foreign loans and other ways to support the enterprises to make full use of two markets both at home and abroad, the export amount increased year by year, in turn, increase the intensity of the acquisition of wool wool textile enterprises, the income of farmers and herdsmen has increased year by year.  

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