n January 10th next year Xining more than train adjustment

Reporters from the Qinghai Tibet railway company was informed that from January 10th next year at 0:00 on December 23rd, the train diagram will be a new adjustment. By then, Xining will be the first train to the direction of Dongguan passenger train, Lanzhou high-speed EMU will have a major adjustment, Tibet trains will be fine. It is expected that after the adjustment, the Qinghai Tibet railway company’s total number of passenger trains will reach 52.5 pairs, of which EMU trains on the 24.5.It is reported that

[] the first optimization of ordinary passenger train to Dongguan Xining

open to the direction of Xining – Zhengzhou: K177/8 passenger train;First,

, will effectively ease the role of Xining to Henan, Zhengzhou, Xining and Guangdong Dongguan passenger transport capacity tension, more convenient for people to travel along.

[new high-speed LAN] trips to adjust or improve transport capacity

– plans to add emu:

– adjust the part of the EMU passenger train trips:

[Tibet train] part stops fine-tuningShanghai to Lhasa:

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