North District to increase agricultural production three checks to ensure the quality and safety of

in order to further standardize the agricultural market, agricultural production and ensure the quality and safety of agricultural products, increasing agricultural production in the north area of "three" to ensure the quality and safety of agricultural products, to create a safe and healthy diet environment for the masses.
A is in-depth field inspection. From the source information on the first hand data of agricultural production, to further strengthen and promote the quality and safety of agricultural products, agriculture and animal husbandry, health, industry and commerce departments of the area, and Xiang Bi Xufeng interest, Eda and other 4 planting base, Kelly, Lantian, Tai 9 and 13 village breeding base planting, farmers production records, a comprehensive inspection of pesticide sources, the use of pesticides and feed usage, the inspection found that do not meet the requirements of the production behavior ordered deadline rectification. And with the village, cooperatives, a breeding base signed agricultural product quality safety responsibility, further standardize the production and operation of households according to production at the same time, to further improve the business sense of security responsibility.

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