Clear responsibility is done carefully to ensure the successful examination of Han Jianhua Lake Race

7 14, vice governor, Han Jianhua, director of the Organizing Committee of the fifteenth round of the lake to the provincial sports center to inspect the opening ceremony venue, and watched the opening ceremony rehearsal.

after careful preparation of the staff, the rehearsal of the program yesterday in order, highlights frequently, fully embodies the integration of internationalization and plateau characteristics. After the rehearsal, Han Jianhua and relevant units responsible for the opening ceremony of the work of the security and communication.

Han Jianhua first fully affirmed the opening ceremony, and on behalf of the provincial government and the organizing committee to express our gratitude. He said that around the Organizing Committee of the working group and the members of the unit since last year to do a lot of fruitful work, I believe that through our efforts, the current Lake tournament will have a happy ending.

Han Jianhua pointed out that this year is the fifteenth Lake Race, is an important node in the lake race, the provincial government attaches great importance to the working groups and members of the unit responsibility and glorious mission, the task is arduous.

Han Jianhua stressed that the working group, members of the unit should be strictly in accordance with the provincial government’s requirements, earnestly implement the responsibility, clear responsibilities, as the initiative to grasp the details of implementation, each link leak filled, to supplement and improve the. To further strengthen communication and cooperation, work together to do all the work, not only to ensure the opening ceremony, the game should be better protected, good service, to ensure the safety of the lake race, wonderful, perfect, harmonious.


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