n the future the port formalities will be carried out by local passengers from Xining to overseas


in the past, Qinghai people go abroad to be from Beijing or Shanghai city to handle customs procedures before turning, with high-end tourism development in our province has become more and more mature, the future will achieve the local port formalities for passengers from Xining to overseas destinations.

port in order to accelerate our pace of opening, after various efforts, in September 24th, Xining air port construction building in Xining airport officially started construction, building completed and put into use, will be the end of our province aviation port joint inspection unit has no centralized office history, further improve our aviation port open service level and safety customs clearance. It is reported that the Xining air port construction building project is an important office of customs, inspection and quarantine, public security and other units to perform customs clearance inspection services. Total investment of 32 million yuan, completed by the end of 2013, when the airport will be transformed and the International Airport at the same time put into use.

these two years, the rapid development of high-end tourism in, Xining airport annual throughput of more than 2 million passengers, immigration has become an important part of. Xining air port construction building after the completion of our province’s import and international flights, especially for charter passenger port formalities will be very convenient." Cui Yanjie, director of the Qinghai Provincial People’s government port management office.

it is reported that since 2008, the Xining air port has officially opened to the outside world, and has achieved a positive role in expanding the external influence of the Xining to South Korea since the Charter flights. In the future, the provincial port office will accelerate the pace of construction of the port, do a good job in Southeast Asia, Europe and the United States to prepare and prepare the work. (author: Zhou Jianping)




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