How to promote the pharmacy in autumn and winter season

now almost any of the shops in the business will be used to promote the means, however, different time, different promotions, the promotional effect will be different. So, in the autumn and winter season how to promote? Let Xiaobian for you to analyze.

Xiao Xi is a single pharmacy owner, has been working for seven or eight years, the promotion of small hi is not unfamiliar, but the times are changing, the effect of the promotion is also changing. Xiao Xi remember many years ago, a promotion will attract a lot of customers lined up, but now has not as good as before, especially for him, such as monomer pharmacies, the promotion of the road becomes more difficult.

small hi encountered promotional difficulties have the following:

high promotional costs

compared with the previous, small hi think every promotional gifts now higher grades, but also need to do more DM publicity, not enough manpower. Sometimes you have to hire a single page, the price range is larger than before, some products in the promotion is the loss of the sale, there is no free blood glucose and other services are more difficult to attract customers to the store. Chain pharmacies can do this, but they do not easily.

promotional effect is poor

is often a few days down sales, turnover is better, but broke his finger a gross profit, but did not earn much, and sometimes negative gross profit, we can see that customers are also good to buy.

promotion staff

although the promotion of the customer is not much, but more than twice as often as the customer will often make the clerk is very busy, as a single pharmacy, where so many staff support it?

promotions after the downturn

in the promotion, single pharmacy and chain pharmacies will appear as a period of sluggish situation. Some customers are slow disease customers, a one-time buy a lot of volume, the next purchase is often six months later.

Similar difficulties that

hi in considering the promotion often have "chicken ribs" feeling, do not do is not good, not good. How to make good use of the monomer pharmacies, "promotion"; which is commonly used in the pharmacy? At the time of autumn and winter season, the author gives some suggestions in combination with seasonal characteristics:

1, do micro promote

for monomer pharmacies, to know their strengths and weaknesses. Chain pharmacies can put up a pageantry to dry, because they have the resources, while single pharmacy need to grasp every customer. In the full capacity to send permanent stores gifts, posters only in the cashier, inform the customer the full number of gifts that can get what.

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