Gansu vegetables into the city’s main distribution of vegetables

In order to ensure the supply of vegetables during the holiday season, stable prices of vegetables, to ensure that people eat safe and cheap vegetables, recently, the Municipal Bureau of commerce organization of the Tibetan Plateau agricultural distribution center (hereinafter referred to as the "center") and some vegetables, I went to Gansu for docking transporting large carnivorous. Gansu has become the main force behind the Xining vegetable transport reserve. Xining transporting vegetables from Gansu according to understand, Gansu cuisine is the main supply of vegetables in winter and spring in Xining City, in the Xining market, from Zhangye round red peppers, tomatoes annual supply of more than 25000 tons, the supply of Jinchang pepper, bamboo shoots each year more than 10000 tons, Wuwei pepper, eggplant, tomatoes in supply more than 16000 tons of silver, eggplant, Caigua annual supply of 30000 tons, Zhangye, Wuwei to Xining every year on the 150 thousand pigs. It is reported that, from Xining to Zhangye, transporting large vegetables in Yongchang, Wuwei, silver and other vegetables and breeding base for inspection, the local vegetable varieties, yield, price, transportation cost, time to market and the amount of live pigs in detail to understand. After field visits, the city has been in Gansu and the local business, government, township docking, the establishment of a stable cooperative relationship. 290 thousand tons of fruits and vegetables to ensure the market doing careful people will find that this year the price of vegetables and vegetables compared to the same period last year have declined markedly, according to statistics, since the distribution center operation, compared with the same period last year, the average price of vegetables in our city is about to fall 15%. According to the center of the person in charge, to ensure market supply, let the public to eat "vegetables", "cheap food", since operation, distribution center to increase the docking, big business and major vegetable base as of now, the cumulative 306 thousand and 200 tons of fruit and vegetable trade, trading volume of 298 thousand and 900 tons, 18383.3 tons of egg. Especially since entering July, Xining surrounding a large number of listed real estate vegetables, homegrown vegetables daily trading volume of 600 tons of play. Into the fall, the center has set out to prepare for the winter and spring season vegetable distribution, reserve work.  

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