People voted for the most popular Bridge

wetland and waterscape landscape is a city aura, the bridge is like a girl on the neck necklace! October 12th, please vote for the people to choose the most beautiful lake wetland bridge bridge after the news release, caused the general public to participate actively.

October 12th the same day, the voting hotline continued. The general public have said that the city is everyone, the construction of municipal facilities is to solicit the views of the general public. For the five bridge type of public preferences vary. At present, preference for scheme four flying swallow type bridge to more people, some people say, this unique design; also some people said that it and the existing Xining bridge is not the same, it is full of "western style".

citizens Wang Jian said that the launch of the five bridge program, the fourth and the fifth programs are relatively novel, especially the more creative the fifth programs, such cable-stayed bridge in Xining is rare. Wang Jian suggested that in the construction of landscape bridge, it should be considered practical, second programs for the double rib arch bridge for the elderly, the disabled, the bridge is not convenient. Many have worked in Xining, now settled in the field of the masses are also actively involved in the vote, Li Zhong is one of them. Li Zhong is now working in Ningbo, although he has been away from Xining for many years, but he is very concerned about the construction and development of Qinghai and Xining, he loves this land. Through the network, Lee bell learned that the city should choose the best pedestrian bridge for the lake wetland, he immediately dialed the phone call. Li Zhong believes that the program of a steel truss suspension bridge, the program two double rib arch bridge, are not suitable for construction in Xining, because after the winter snow, if not promptly cleaned on the bridge, it will be difficult to wet line. Li Zhong recommended four flying swallow type bridge, he said, the bridge full of smart, lively atmosphere, a symbol of a thriving Qinghai earth full of vigour. At the same time, the bridge as a flying bird, a famous Qinghai Bird Island, other can reflect the regional characteristics of Qinghai. The footbridge is not only convenient for people to visit and experience the wetland landscape, but also a part of the landscape. Which is your favorite?"! Welcome the general public to continue to vote enthusiastically. (author: small words)

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