Construction of a large pattern of water ecological civilization

water is the blood and soul of the city, but also the focus of building a beautiful Xining. In February 21st, the reporter learned from the municipal water authority, the implementation of "Xining city water city construction of ecological civilization pilot program" by the national Ministry of water resources review, Xining will use three years to complete the construction of the pilot, gradually restored to the axis, extending north and South Sichuan, both surface and underground water, land and water system of ecological civilization echoes.

fine planning space layout

according to the program, the overall layout of the city’s water ecological civilization construction of the city will focus on the implementation of the city, taking into account the town, the formation of a horizontal, two vertical, group of three, four, the space layout.

: a cross across the city. Both the construction of flood control effect of Huangshui River green landscape ecological corridor.

two: Construction of longitudinal cross longitudinal south of the city ecological green landscape Nanchuan river green landscape ecological corridor and the northern part of the Beichuan river.

three group: the construction of Huangshui River riparian wetland park, wetland park, including the Lake District People’s Park; Nanchuan River riparian wetland park group, including the Nanchuan River Wetland Park, children’s Park; Beichuan River riparian wetland park group, including the Beichuan River Wetland park.

four: in the city of Xining, Datong, Huangzhong and Huangyuan four regions have a direct impact on the aquatic ecosystem of rivers, reservoirs and other land ecological environment construction, including soil and water conservation, water conservation, pollution control, ecological agriculture and other projects.

five pieces of five pieces of centralized drinking water source protection, including water source, Huangzhong Datong tal DOPA source, Xi Dan Ma Temple Nachuan water sources, water sources, Beichuan Shijiazhuang Heiquan reservoir.

build four water ecological civilization system

the next stage, the city will be based on expert advice and suggestions on the program to further revise and improve and approval, to promote the pilot work carried out in full swing, the construction of four water ecological civilization system.

the construction of water conservancy system includes the construction of flood control system, the construction of water supply safety system, the rational development and utilization of water resources and so on.

strict management of water resources development and utilization of water management, strict control of water use efficiency, the construction of water resources management responsibility assessment mechanism, etc..

in the water ecological system through the implementation of river management, water pollution control, sand resources and other projects, the construction of a horizontal two vertical green landscape ecological corridor.

– in water culture system to further promote the information education and water ecological civilization propaganda, water ecological protection action advocacy volunteers, actively carry out the construction of ecological environment and promote public hydrophilic, water culture inheritance and development, carry out scientific and technological research of water ecological civilization.


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