n the first half Xining 90% government procurement spend small and micro enterprises

this year, the city to implement the 60 measures to support the development of small and micro enterprises, to increase efforts to carry out small and micro enterprises to carry out government procurement efforts to boost the development of small and micro enterprises in real action. In the first half, the city implemented more than 400 government procurement projects, the actual purchase price of 276 million yuan, of which the signing of a small and micro enterprises signed a contract of $249 million, accounting for 90% of total government procurement.

first, I give the preferential policy, requiring the purchase of units in the preparation of procurement plans, reserved for Small and micro businesses in government procurement budget is not lower than 60%; procurement execution mechanism in the production of the bidding documents, give the 6%-10% deduction of product price on the Small and micro businesses, by deducting the offer after participate in the review, given the Small and micro businesses access to lower the threshold. At the same time, in order to reduce the amount of funds for small and micro enterprises, small and micro enterprises to reduce the proportion of government procurement tender deposit to participate in government procurement of small and micro enterprises, according to the procurement project estimates of 5 to pay.

secondly, active service in the work. In time by the Qinghai provincial government procurement network, the Xining government portal website and other media related to government procurement information, convenient Small and micro businesses access to government procurement in all aspects of information; through a variety of ways to help SMEs understand government procurement policies, familiar in the government procurement process, improve the ability of Small and micro businesses to participate in government procurement.

third, to provide protection in the interests of the procurement, procurement units to circumvent Small and micro businesses products and services, or refused to accept the contract of the small and medium-sized enterprise products and services, without any justifiable reason, it shall be ordered to correct; receive and investigate Small and micro businesses suppliers filed complaints in a timely manner, especially for some small and micro payment, delay the procurement unit enterprise rights difficult behavior timely rectification, and earnestly safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of Small and micro businesses. (author: mining pipe small words)



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