3760 meters today’s fight against the top grade points

Today, all players will race around the lake gathered in the West Sea town of atoms, South departure to the Republican county "Tibet throat", see the players how to conquer this lake race last climbing grade will become the biggest thing today, the way people will wait and see.

wonderful two spectators notice


good weather 9 days a sunny road

in July 8th according to the provincial meteorological observatory the latest weather information display, July 9th, Lake Race fifth stage will usher in a fine weather, rain is not exposure ‘good weather. The West Sea town, clear to cloudy, the temperature at 5 degrees – 20 degrees C, westerly wind of the level of 1 – level; Gonghe County, sunny to cloudy, the temperature in the temperature of 8 – – 22 degrees, west wind – – 3 – 2.

notes two:

road traffic control to keep in mind

it is understood that in July 9th 8 to 14:30, road traffic control: West Town Road, Lake Road to the East Lake stud farm, 109 state line road, Qinghai Lake, just River Highway (Jiangxi to ditch Qia Bu Qia Road), Gouhou reservoir, the Yellow River Tongde Road, Qinghai Lake Road, North Street, North District Qinghai Lake Road, de and street, harmonious road; in July 9th 9 at the end stage of the competition in Haibei West Town, Po, Gangcha Road, Lake Road north section will implement two-way control.

colorful highlights can not miss


romantic beach prairie

West town also known as the "Atomic City", is located in the most beautiful lakes in the first five China – Qinghai Hubei bank, Qinghai province is a combination of East and west of the Ministry of agriculture and animal husbandry, 315 national road through the whole territory, the transportation is convenient, is the capital of Haibei Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture is located. Covering an area of 1100 square kilometers of the prairie, a bark River and Kazakhstan Lijin river runs through, this is the famous Qinghai Jinyintan prairie, long live here, people of all ethnic groups in Mongolia, Tibetan, Han, Hui, salar, natural grassland demonstrates richly endowed by nature agricultural and animal husbandry resources, there are about 300000 sheep and cattle habitat here is a typical plateau pastoral area. The golden season of Jinyintan grassland is the year 7, 8, 9 and three months, flowers, birds fly, especially Braun bird song, beautiful charming, clouds like sheep, brown and white yak, tiny spots to wander in the grass and wildflowers, from time to time and riding a horse in the carefree and content. The prairie slowly come. The distant hills, occasionally flying eagle figure, lotus like clouds scattered in Mongolia, Western Star Wang Luobin here creation "in that distant place", starting from the Jinyintan prairie, Qinghai Lake, Qinghai sing, sing to the Chinese, popular at home and abroad.

highlight two:

five tourist attractions can not be copied

republic county is located in the northeast of Qinghai Province, is the east gate of the Qinghai Tibet Plateau, north of the most beautiful China in five Great Lakes is the first of the Qinghai Lake, south of the "Mother River" – the Yellow River, east to the eastern agricultural area and mountain is bounded, West and Qinghai in southern Qinghai Tibetan contiguous, known as Tibet pharynx;

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