Hao Peng stressed in Xining research to create a good living environment for the construction of bea

7 19, governor Hao Peng on the smooth flow of Xining city construction and ecological environment comprehensive rectification work carried out a concentrated investigation. He stressed that the scientific orientation, system planning, linkage provinces, comprehensive measures to improve the city road network structure, accelerate the smooth construction, completes the city flood control work, strengthen the comprehensive management of the ecological environment, optimize the development space of city development, build an ecological landscape pattern of the city, promote the transformation and upgrading of the city, improve people’s quality of life and happiness index.

right now, when the golden season of key projects in Xining, the construction of smooth Xining, a major backbone project progress, Hao Peng is very concerned about. The same day, Hao Peng in a row from the Xiakou to Huangyuan Xiakou, from Beichuan to focus on the research of Nanchuan, Kunlun bridge widening, Lantau Peak expressway construction, road connecting line project, Qinghai University Xiakou park surrounding roads and underground pipeline, Huang and Shen Zhai waterway viaduct overpass construction, DOPA Metro Planning and construction etc.. He pointed out that, according to the comprehensive promotion of "smooth Xining" three year plan, major control project connecting the north and south two highway planning a high starting point, high standard design, high quality construction, accelerate the improvement of road network structure, the formation of "inner outer loop" system, fully enhance the comprehensive traffic service and support capabilities, to provide a powerful guarantee for the economic and social development and people travel. Hao Peng stressed that the backbone of the transportation construction and the construction of new urbanization organically, optimizing the layout of the city structure, expanding the space of city development, driven by the rapid development of modern logistics, tourism and other service industries, promote the integration of production city depth, promote transformation and upgrading of the city.

River, ecological greenway, park construction projects, is an important part of the city of Xining to build livable city. Hao Peng inspected in these projects that highlight the Xining plateau landscape city geographical features, strengthening the concept of sustainable development, focus on water ecological construction, the formation of mountains, the organic integration of city and water, enhance the vitality of the city, improve the city grade. To rely on Beichuan, Xichuan, Nanchuan River and Huangshui River, full of water, the comprehensive construction of city parks and other green channel, hydrophilic project, build ecological river, promote green road construction in public services, ecological conservation, green travel in one of the water clear and coastal green, scenic excellent livable environment for the the general public.

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, Hao Peng is very concerned about the interests of the demolition mass of major construction projects, in every place, he repeatedly told the relevant personnel, according to the law, civilization demolition demolition land demolition, effectively protect the legitimate interests of the masses, so as to city development, to the satisfaction of the masses. To further intensify policy propaganda, establish a "people’s city people to build" thought, fully mobilize the enthusiasm, initiative, through hard work, make the city a year to a new level, every year there are new changes.

Wang Xiao, Yang Fengchun together research.


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