41 new employees bookstore reading hot

This year, the Xining Municipal Federation of trade unions continue to carry out activities to create a library of workers ", built a batch of high quality, standardized" staff house "demonstration, the union field acceptance, comprehensive evaluation, named Huangyuan railway protection defense team of 20 units in Xining city in 2015 for" staff house "demonstration. At the same time, Qilian Mountains, Qinghai, India Cements Limited and other 20 units were named "provincial workers bookstore", Asia silicon industry (Qinghai) co.". The activity of "workers’ Book House" has become an important measure to improve the quality of staff and workers, and has played an important role in the role of trade unions.

Union created in this year’s house at all levels of work, strengthen the distribution of books targeted, according to the needs of different levels, on-demand distribution, to maximize the "Library of workers" as the positive role of staff knowledge Park and the construction of enterprise culture carrier. Trade union organizations at all levels to play an active role in the declaration of Library of workers, the integration of different public resources, take the low cost and high efficiency of resource utilization, realize the complementary advantages, to the actual utility of multi-purpose, benefit workers. The establishment of the workers’ bookstore has ensured the basic cultural rights and interests of the masses of workers and staff, and has greatly enriched the spiritual and cultural life of the majority of the staff and workers.  

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