Highlight the national characteristics of urban and rural development

in Datong County in promoting the new rural construction on the new


in recent years, Datong County of the new rural construction as the central task of the county Party committee and government to arrest, according to the Datong County rural economy, the existing agricultural industry development level, income level of farmers, rural environmental infrastructure, rural social security level, put forward "planning first, focusing on the foundation; easy to difficult, orderly; typical lead, demonstration; farmers, multi-party participation; system security, focusing on long-term development ideas of , combined with the village of regional culture, natural conditions, economic level and social status and other aspects of the actual, Datong County adhere to local conditions, highlighting the characteristics of the pilot demonstration principle, explore the formation of the" six "the new rural model, forming a unique new rural construction Datong road.

1, the whole village propulsion model . Small scale, scattered living, poor environment, the development of more restrictive factors in the small village, the use of the whole village to promote the relocation model to carry out the rural "three concentration" construction work. Such as Hua Lin Xiang Sheng Li Xin Cun, a total investment of 11 million 750 thousand yuan, with the renovation of dilapidated buildings, housing and other incentives to implement the "three concentration" construction project, four natural villages will be relocated to the seat of township government concentrated residential village, the total land area of 3400 acres, a total of 272 households, 1198 people. Investment of 26 million 890 thousand yuan, on the bridge in the town of Grand Bay, Shuiquan bay two village of 225 households in the overall relocation, through the "hundred village demonstration" project construction of the village, built a new rural model village, solve the pilot project of village people hard road and difficult to see a doctor, go to school difficult, difficult problems, embarked on a "move out, live steadily, can become rich industry," the road of development.

  2, old village transformation mode. Based on the current situation and development of based village, implementation of the transformation of old villages in the village and solid infrastructure, leading industry etc.. Such as the effect of some real duolong hollow village planning "and" sporadic, dilapidated housing demolition along the street toilet clean, dirty, disorderly and poor phenomenon, realize new channels, to strengthen infrastructure construction as the main content of the transformation of old villages have achieved remarkable results, through the implementation of the old village transformation project, and effectively improve the duolong the village people living standards, greatly improve the people’s production and living environment.

  3, the construction of multi mode. Datong actively explore a new way of new rural construction, is a through the adoption of "village enterprises building" way, the enterprises to actively participate in the construction of the new socialist countryside, has injected new vitality into the construction of new countryside. Such as the Qinghai branch of China Aluminum Company invested 10 million yuan to support Huang Xi Cun and other surrounding 11 villages completed the village renovation, kindergartens, village activities, village building;

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