nfrastructure investment continued to maintain high growth

recently, the reporter learned from the provincial development and Reform Commission, this year, the province’s total investment in fixed assets, infrastructure investment growth of 23%, continued to maintain a high growth trend.

this year, the provincial development and Reform Commission in conjunction with the various regions and departments, to lay the investment "combined", more precise guidance, investment in backward areas and major projects for the accurate service, effectively prevent the investment decline or fluctuation. At the same time, focus on the central focus of investment arrangements, a number of major projects in a timely manner to filter the report, to do a good job of funds for the implementation of the work. On the basis of the projects invested by the central government to carry out online scheduling monthly, to further enhance the project started, the disbursement of funds rate and investment rate, and then solve the difficulties and problems, focus on promoting private investment rebound. The first three quarters, the province’s total social investment in fixed assets of $275 billion 500 million, an increase of 12.5%. Among them, the real estate investment to maintain steady growth, the growth rate reached 18.6%; private investment grew 4%, since last July to August this year, 14 consecutive months of negative growth, achieve a steady rise, from negative to positive; manufacturing investment growth year-on-year growth of 0.5%; infrastructure investment growth of 23%, continue to maintain high growth.

infrastructure investment in the construction of 170 key projects to accelerate the construction of the project, accounting for more than half of the total social investment in fixed assets. Among them, water conservancy infrastructure projects, speeding up the storage gorge, the Yellow River River flood control and irrigation project Laxiwa projects; transportation infrastructure projects, take long high-speed, high-speed airport, Golog tea case and a number of projects basically completed, railway, Qilian Airport grid library and other projects to accelerate; energy infrastructure projects. Republic of photovoltaic industry park three, Hercynian to Qinghai power grid transmission channel to enhance the ability of other projects to further accelerate; urban infrastructure projects, the East Sea city parking lot, Xining city underground pipe gallery project implementation. In addition, Qinghai and the construction of broadband information consumption information infrastructure projects, wind power equipment manufacturing integration transformation of photovoltaic industrial upgrading projects, Sanjiang source of ecological protection and construction of ecological and environmental protection projects such as the two phase of precise poverty and a number of projects have been successfully implemented to improve people’s livelihood.


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