Around the lake to attract a large number of provinces and cities to visit the delegation to visit t

with the lake race continues to expand the scale and influence rising, many provincial and municipal sports delegation came to Qinghai to learn from the work of the organization around the race competition, logistics, security, traffic control and other aspects.

by the end of July 9th, Jiangsu province has the Taihu organizing committee delegation "a line of 42 people in Hainan Province," roundabout international cycling tour organizing committee "a line of 5 people, Hunan province sports delegation of 27 people, Ningxia Province Sports Bureau, Yinchuan City, a line of 4 people from a group of 29 people, zhongweicity, a line of 9 people, Gansu Province Sports Bureau 3 people, a total of seven provinces and 119 official delegation to Qinghai to watch the twelfth Lake race.

in the Qing period, they launched a forum to exchange with the lake organizing committee, attended the opening ceremony of the race around the lake, watching from the organization of the end point and the first and the two stage of the game, inspected the athletes accommodation etc..

through the investigation, they generally believe that the lake race after twelve years of efforts, has become a model of Chinese western sports development, has become the China bike race leader, especially the green Gansu and Ningxia provinces this year (District) liaison office, has injected new vigor and vitality into the lake race, marking the Lake Race ushered in a new era, out of a less developed provinces for the high level sports event on the road to success, is leading the way in the whole nation, it is very worthwhile for us to learn and follow.

it is reported that in the next few days there will be three or four delegations to Qinghai to observe the lake race. (author: Zhang Zhizhong)

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