From January to July Xining city construction project 181 yuan

August 17th, news from the Xining Municipal Bureau of statistics show that from January to July this year, Xining fixed asset investment completed 36 billion 504 million 780 thousand yuan, an increase of 28.05%. The main factors driving investment growth:

second industry investment growth accelerated. Second industrial investment in fixed assets of 19 billion 941 million 10 thousand yuan, of which industrial investment has become the vanguard of the overall investment in the whole society.

billion yuan or more significant role in the project. January to July, more than 100 million construction projects in Xining 181.

proportion of private investment has increased. January to July, private investment grew by 35.32%.

real estate development investment steady growth. January to July, completed an investment of 7 billion 450 million 810 thousand yuan. (author: Zhang Pu)


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