Lake race once again ignited the passion of Qaidam

Yesterday, the race fourth stage into the Hercynian magic piece of fertile soil, the passion of the lake race into the magnificent Qaidam, has aroused great concern in the world. Racing team Mercedes Benz in the vast Qaidam Basin, with the broad and fascinating combination of the natural scenery of the Qaidam, so that this ancient wasteland in Qaidam infinite vitality on this day.

vast, magical Qaidam Basin is the largest national circular economy pilot area and the province’s only integrated urban and rural development demonstration area. Because of rich mineral resources is famous, known as China’s cornucopia. In this piece of ancient wilderness, Han, Mongolian, Tibetan, Hui and other 33 ethnic unity, the interpretation of the hard pioneer, the great spirit of the Qaidam, created a miracle, only last year, completed the GDP of nearly 60 billion yuan, accounting for 30.3% of the province, the cause has made rapid development. In this case, the people of all ethnic groups to come to the lake race, race around the lake this platform, the economic and social development to promote and showcase achievements, people of all ethnic groups in western area full of vitality and magnificent natural scenery, rich and colorful cultural tourism resources.

Ge Wenrong Ge Wenrong photo photo photo by Ge Wenrong Ge Wenrong photo

‘s Mercedes Benz in the vast expanse of the Qaidam Basin, the pure blue sky, blue lakes, grasslands, forests and a wild profusion of vegetation Tibet Plateau strong to athletes and media reporters shocked. Last year, for the first time to enter the race around the lake in Qaidam Basin, the first time to ride tea card, Tianjun, the first time to show the world the largest land area of the territory of Qinghai Hercynian, the most abundant resources area, received an unexpected effect. This lake race once again into the west, attracted the attention of the community here, beautiful, simple folk here, here has a long history, there is everywhere a dreamlike, picturesque wonderland. To seize such young fame and promoting the development of the opportunity to let the world better understand Tianjun’s beauty and magic, charming and colorful, Tianjun county held the power, go all out to race around the game of the preparatory work, and strive to meet the eight party guests to lighting, landscaping, clean and beautiful environment, new style show, "God Lake source, horse town" features.

for the people of all ethnic groups in Tianjun, this year’s race around the lake they have been looking forward to a long time, the same scene, the leaders at all levels of Tianjun is also looking forward to a long time. The same day, the race team came to Tianjun County, on the explosion of the highland town of passion, in the face of such a scene, Haixi standing committee, vice governor Wang Jingzhai said, want to race around the lake into the Hercynian more places, the customs to show the world through the lake race. This year is the second round of the lake into the Hercynian, through last year’s success;

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