Hiking Festival another brand event in Qinghai

  "whether the number of participants, the amount of bonus settings, or the design of the race line, are in the forefront of the country." On the afternoon of July 15th, in the 2013 cool Xining "China dream Valley Cup" international foot Festival press conference, director of the Provincial Sports Bureau mountaineering management center, said Liu Xinghai, a reporter asked.

according to the Organizing Committee of the event, 2013 cool Xining "Chinese dream Valley Cup" international foot Festival is the Xining Municipal People’s government, the Qinghai Provincial Sports Bureau jointly create another major international sporting events. Through this event, the future will be in line with the cultural, tourism and sports integration policy of the development, to open up foot line more attractive and show "cool summer", the international walking festival into sports arena, city event, people’s festival, national fitness activities showcase of the plateau and brand competition.

reporter learned from a news conference, 2013 cool Xining, China dream Valley Cup International foot Festival organized by the various departments of the Organizing Committee of careful preparation, will be opened at 9:00 on the morning of July 20th. July 20th 9:00 in the city center in Xining, the opening ceremony of the opening ceremony, the opening ceremony will be reflected in fashion, cheerful theme elements, with joy, passion kicked off on foot. (down to A02 version)

(on the A01 version) 9:30 minutes of the game, hiking activities will be divided into Xining to Kumbum Monastery square competition and Xining to the south of the New District of the people’s experience of the race, the race is as follows:

Xining to Kumbum Monastery race route: Xining City District Center Plaza of the Yangtze River Road, Nanchuan Road, South District, Xu, ant Ditch Reservoir, Huangzhong County Yingbin Road to the scenic spots of Kumbum Monastery square, the entire 26.4 km. Time for 5 hours (ie, after the start of the game will be no more than 5 hours after the arrival of the athletes will be admitted to the place), the number of participants in the number of 1500, respectively, men and women were admitted to the top 40 awards.

experience race route: Xining City District Center Plaza of the Yangtze River Road, South District in Nanchuan Road, green road, a distance of about 10 km. The number of participants in the experience of the 3500, were admitted to the men and women of the top 150 awards.

at the press conference on the same day, the inside and outside the province, nearly 40 people walking group recruitment, participate in the competition and experience the game of the masses of the registration number about 5000 people, of which the group competition enrollment of 1500 people, about foreign and foreign players nearly 500 people, 3500 people experience competition.

at the same time, on the morning of July 20th, the opening ceremony of the scene will be held to return to nature, the joy of experience, the foot style exhibition. Washington (reporter Xu Shunkai)


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