2016 China Wang Shi moved Qinghai moving figures announced

found the Leshan City footprint, touch temperature. In December 22nd, the first cup "China network in · moved Qinghai" the 2016 annual network award event awards ushered in the glory moment. After more than 5 months of efforts, through grassroots push, network display, candidate selection, network and new media voting and expert review and other links, the ten network moved figures and the popularity of the 5 network awards announced.

source of the Sanjiang police force, on horseback "against echinococcosis medical pioneer", "Gobi Haining fan on the attendant," Zhou Wenfu "Shijinbumei good sister" Huang Yurong, "the most beautiful Qinghai lake, especially Yushu herdsmen" Nanla reality version of "Les Choristes" for the song, "to get rich entrepreneurs the leader" Zhao Zhixiang, "90 piety pioneer" Bai Yonghao, "the star child guardian" Chen Zhifang, Qinghai "to" the world cut yangshenjie won the "China network in · moved Qinghai" 2016 annual ten network moved characters; traveled Qinghai sow love "Lu Qunlin," on the plateau. Yu Zhilong, the "plateau mapping warrior" Liu Feng, "the desert hold green hope" Zhou Maoji, "the barren Gobi highways guards" Zhong Wei won the "Chinese network in · moving Qinghai 2016 Internet popularity award.

"Chinese network in · moved contest sponsored and hosted by the Xinhua news agency, xinhuanet.com, Xinhua News Agency" Chinese network in "column of contractors, is the first basic figures for the report and selection of objects, launched the Internet users through the Internet new media selection and dissemination of public brand activities, has been successfully held 6 sessions. In 2014, xinhuanet.com Limited by Share Ltd Qinghai branch for the first time this brand activities into Qinghai, and through the network media and the advantages of new media strong interaction and communication, selected a group of plateau dedication, Qinghai spread positive energy advanced typical character.


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